What to Expect

100% online course that will teach you how to start your own business as a freight broker from start to finish. Gain massive knowledge about the broker and transportation industry in the comfort of your own home. Nr Swanks is available to furnish answers to any of your questions Monday-Thursday from 8am to 5pm and Friday from 8am to noon CST. With the exception on Fridays @6pm CST for live Mentoring.

  • High volume information that you will use to start your journey as a Freight Broker or Freight Dispatcher..

  • Start and stop at your own leisure within a 12 week window there's no pressure. All agreements are downloadable and yours to keep.

  • EFFECTIVE APRIL 14, 2023. This class is scheduled on a 12-week completion period by quarters. Student has 12 weeks to complete the online course at their own pace. Every week, on Friday, for 12 weeks there will be a zoom session held to answer all questions LIVE. The time will be @6pm CST. A zoom link will be sent out on the first Friday morning @ 9am and that link will be reusable every week. Once the course is complete the course will lock and will not be reopened. (No exceptions). After purchase you will receive a hard copy of the course via U.S mail within 3-5 business days for those that purchase in FULL. Others that are making monthly payments ALL MANUALS WILL BE MAILED ONCE YOU HAVE MADE YOUR LAST SCHEDULED PAYMENT. FREE MENTORING IS EMBEDDED throughout the 12 weeks. If you DO NOT take advantage of mentoring/coaching you will have to pay for it after 3 months has expired. It is the learners responsibility to obtain the Certificate of Completion at the end of course (downloadable). FREE Mentoring/Coaching is a privilege given at the owners discretion. It is not apart of purchase. It is the choice of the owner.

There's more to this industry beyond TRUCK LOADS!

Let NRSFB provide you with the resources on how to get set up with the government, ocean freight, air freight and rail freight.



Online Freight Broker Training semester price includes Freight Broker manual, 12 weeks of course training, 1340 shippers to start with along with downloadable Agreements. Access the Skills You Need to Succeed. A YEAR FROM NOW YOU'LL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY.


Online Freight Dispatcher Training semester price includes Freight Dispatcher manual, 12 weeks of course training and downloadable agreements. Access the Skills You Need to Succeed. A YEAR FROM NOW YOU'LL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY.


THE FLAGSHIP PACKAGE- This Package includes Freight Broker Training, Dispatch Training, Practice Units, Finish Me Off, Surety Bond & Manuals. The more you know in the transportation industry the more lucrative your business will be. Access the Skills You Need to Succeed. A YEAR FROM NOW YOU'LL WISH YOU STARTED TODAY.




Designed for individuals who have taken a FREIGHT BROKER TRAINING and still need "THE HOW"

  • $99.00 first payment, $99.00 / month onwards

    $99.00 first payment, $99.00 / month onwardsFREIGHT BROKER PRACTICE COURT

    This platform was created to help assist the many people who have taken a Freight Broker course and still need more information on "THE HOW". How to gain shippers, how to create carrier packets, how to rate lanes a much much more.


  • Does NRSFB offer any support after completion of the training program?

    Yes, we will assist you in obtaining all the necessary bonding, FMCSA operating authority, insurance etc...also we will be reachable via phone and email for questions or concerns as long as you are in the industry.

  • Should a Freight Broker training program be affiliated with a freight brokerage?

    Yes! The instructor should be an active freight broker. No one can teach you how to do something if they don't it themselves. Always ask for the instructors US DOT # or MC # so you can check their FMCSA registration or authority to see if it's active.

  • Is this course legal , certified or registered with the state?

    Yes, anyone who is in the instructors seat and have a legal business must be able to prove that their training course is legal to sell to the public. If not, it could be a scam.

  • How much money can I earn as a Freight Broker?

    Freight Brokers earn about 40k to unlimited amounts per year. The key to success is YOU!