What to Expect

100% self-pace online 30 day course that will teach you how to start your own business as a freight broker from start to finish. Gain massive knowledge about the broker and transportation industry in the comfort of your own home. Nr Swanks is available to furnish answers to any of your questions Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm cst.

  • High volume information that you will use to start your journey as a Freight Broker.

  • Start and stop at your own leisure there's no pressure. All agreements are downloadable and yours to keep.

  • Course will remain active for 30 days(EXTENSIONS CAN BE GIVEN IN 30 DAY INCREMENTS) until course is 100% complete after purchase.Once the course is complete the course will lock and will not be reopened. (No exceptions). After purchase you will receive a hard copy of the course via U.S mail within 3-5 business days. Once you complete the course you have the option to engage in FREE MENTORING. Mentoring is 6 months only. If you DO NOT take advantage of mentoring/coaching you will have to pay for it after 6 months has expired. It is the learners responsibility to obtain the Certificate of Completion at the end of course (downloadable). FREE Mentoring/Coaching is a privilege given at the owners discretion. It is not apart of purchase. It is the choice of the owner.

Knowledge Is Power

  • Power Up

    Power up your inner Boss and take advantage of the valuable information that will be presented to you in this course. Remain focused on your goal and understand that you are in control of the future you.

  • Networking & Connections

    Networking plays an essential role in the Freight Broker industry. Prepare to connect with shippers and carriers throughout the life of your career as a broker.

  • Time & Dedication

    Take Note: YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE! Dedicating yourself to something can be very hard and unforgiving. But the more you remain consistent the sooner you'll see results.

What you’ll learn

NRSFBT will provide you with the tools needed to become a successful Freight Broker. Learn how to gain shipper customers and build rapport to keep your shipper customers enthused. You’ll learn vital information on how to rate loads and stay on top of the national rates. Here’s how

  • You’ll learn the difference between a Freight Broker, Freight Agent and Freight Dispatcher

  • Everything you need to start up with and the cost

  • Learn why freight brokers use factoring companies

  • Gain knowledge about the current trucking industry

  • Receive editable contract, forms and agreements for your own company

  • Learn about different types of trailers and equipment

  • Where to find motor carriers and shippers

  • Complimentary shippers list to get you started

There’s more to this industry beyond TRUCK LOADS!

Let NRSFBT provide you with the resources on how to get set up with the government, ocean freight, air freight and rail freight.

FREE Freight Broker Coaching for 6 months

with the purchase of a Freight Broker or Freight Dispatcher training


Online Freight Broker Course

  • $1,350.00

    Regular price includes freight broker manual, 30 days of course training,,1,340 shippers to start with, Contracts and Agreements.

    Purchase Now


Online Freight Dispatcher Course

  • $600.00

    Regular price includes freight broker manual, 30 days of course training,,1,340 shippers to start with, Contracts and Agreements.

    Purchase Now

Diamond Bundle Course

100% Online

  • $1,650.00

    $1,650.00Freight Broker & Dispatcher Combo

    The more you know in the transportation industry the more lucrative your business will be. The more you’ll be able to have different streams of revenue. This package includes the freight broker training & dispatcher training. On January 1, 2023 any client who purchase this package will also receive the PRACTICE COURT FOR 60 DAYS FOR FREE.
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Designed for individuals who have taken a FREIGHT BROKER COURSE and still need "THE HOW"

  • $39.99 first payment, $39.99 / month onwards

    $39.99 first payment, $39.99 / month onwardsFREIGHT BROKER PRACTICE COURT

    This platform was created to help assist the many people who have taken a freight broker course and still need more information on "THE HOW". How to gain shippers, how to create carrier packets, how to rate loads and much much more. Starting on January 1, 2023 the price of the PRACTICE COURT WILL CHANGE. Anyone who is currently enrolled in the practice court will need to CANCEL their enrollment for the new price will be deducted on January 1, 2023. (NO EXCEPTIONS)


  • Does NRSFBT offer any support after completion of the training program

    Yes, we will assist you in obtaining all the necessary bonding, fmcsa operating authority, insurance etc...also we will be reachable via phone and email for questions or concerns as long as you are in the industry.

  • Should a Freight Broker training program be affiliated with a freight brokerage?

    Yes! The instructor should be an active freight broker. No one can teach you how to do something if they don't it themselves. Always ask for the instructors US DOT # or MC # so you can check their FMCSA registration or authority to see if it's active.

  • How much can I earn as a Freight Broker?

    Freight Brokers earn anywhere from $40k per year to six figures.


What will you say?

Best Ever!

by Dailora Williams

I had been looking for a broker class to take and all of them was expensive. I kept searching the Internet and found this one and I was really surprise that it was cheaper than others but after taking the course I know I made a good decision I’m about 60% complete with everything I need to start my own brokerage. I like how the instructor is always available I think it’s all about money with these other courses. This lady Mrs.Reagan she is everything she knows her stuff. I recommend anyone interested in being a broker to take this class.

Great Stuff Here

Kevin Caddo

I’m a new broker after this course just know that. lol!!!

good course overall

Jessica Thurston

I give this course 4 1/2 stars only because after the course I was sent the wrong shirt size and color. The course it’s self was well put together its not long and boring like most online courses. This class actually keep my attention. I told my coworkers about it so it was really informing

Derrick Baker

I would like to thank NR SWANKS for offering an amazing opportunity to learn everything there is to know about becoming a freight broker. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting your own freight broker business.

Porche Turner

I'm currently taken Freight Dispatcher course. I just want to thank Mrs. Nikishia Reagan for creating a course that's fully detail and understanding. Her course is the foundation of you starting your own dispatching company. Even though her course is online, she's always checking up on you wanting to know how are you feeling about the course, willing to answer any questions or concerns that you have. Most online companies wouldn't follow-up with you once you enroll to finish. I'm so thankful and truly blessed for all your help. Yes I was nervous about starting the course because I never thought that I will have my own business, but now I'm ready I'm stepping out on faith. Hope that this cousre will help others.

Antonea Davis

I took the Freight Broker course, and it was extremely easy to follow. The course has been written excellently, and although it goes into great detail about the business it is not hard to retain the knowledge being given. I recommend anyone who wants the knowledge to becoming a freight broker to take THIS course. The instructor is invested in making sure you succeed, which makes it worth it all.

Lamont Turner

I would like to say that I'm very pleased and satisfied with all the information and help that I've been given from NR Swanks Freight Brokerage company I would recommend this Brokerage to anyone who may be interested in this line if business.

Radawn Sanders

This course was extremely helpful and full of detail. NR Swanks was right there the entire time. If you want to take a course and be guided along the way this is the course to take. I really appreciate the love that this NR Swanks shows her customers and students. Can’t wait to do business with her.

Chad Colston

I recently completed NR Swanks Freight Broker course training. I highly recommend these services for anyone interested in the industry. I have gained some much knowledge and understanding throughout the process, not to mention the hands on training and assistance. The course and services are well worth the price of admission.